Your Administrator Career: Improving It


Nursing home administrators have very particular responsibilities in their facilities. Because you're no longer "on the floor" on a day to day basis, you have more of an opportunity to evaluate the staff in order to improve life for them and your residents. Improving yourself is also in order from time to time, and if you plan to continue your job effectively and move up in your facility, you may want to start looking for ideas like these.

Acquire Continuing Education Credits

Doing better with your job cannot be done unless you're sure you're still eligible for it. You already know that you must reapply every few years for your license, but continuing education unit (CEU) credits can often be overlooked while you're focusing on your job. Your state requires CEU credits, but you are sincere about your career, you might wish to take more credits than you're professionally required to.. Always learn more about your field and that will help you on the job.

Visit the Floors

Working among other administrators in the nursing home is part of your job, but you can lose touch with residents and staff members "on the floor". For that reason, scheduling specific periods of time walking about is wise. By interacting with residents, you can get a clearer idea of things they need and what they like. 

Interacting with your staff regularly could be one of the best things to improve your effectiveness as an administrator. Through speaking with them about their frustrations and concerns with the facility, you can put changes into effect or change policy. 

Ask for Feedback

Your staff may have definite opinions on the administrative work that you're doing. It's somewhat frightening to ask for those opinions, but that can be one way to know what they're thinking and to examine yourself about whether there are actions you can change or improve.

You might wish to ask your peers and managers for any weaknesses they observe which can help you target areas that need adjusting.

Interact with Administrators 

Sometimes the only people who can help are those who are waking with the same issues. Being able to kick ideas around can provide you with new employee-related or resident-related insights. You may be able to model your own policies on those of other successful administrators and ask questions if you're working with difficult issues.

Your role as facility administrator is important to the well-being of the facility. Being able to improve yourself and expand your capabilities is essential for continued administrative success. Contact a service, like Affordable CEU's, for more help.


13 February 2018

Making The Most of My Education

After I went back to school to finally get my degree, I realized that there were a few things I needed to master. First of all, I knew that I needed to improve my study skills so that I could manage my time, and that took a little bit of work. Second, I wanted to streamline my homework load so that I could keep things moving along. It took a little bit of effort on my part to make sure that things were going according to plan, but within no time, I was enjoying a happier, healthier college career. Check out this blog for more information.